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Artificial coral for Reef restoration, Reef creation, Reef design. specialises in the creation and delivery of designed artificial coral reefs with distinct themes to suit the clients needs using the products from Eco-Coral Corporation, Philippines.

"We believe that reef restoration and reef rehabilitation involves more than the dropping of unattractive artifacts, derelict ships and sundry debris on the sea bed. Real coral reefs are things of great beauty and excitement and coral restoration should contribute structures which will allow the reef creatures to grow and develop as in a natural reef. By using our Eco-Coral© artificial corals and Wall we can create objects of beauty in harmony with the natural undersea world." supplies complete packages of Eco-Coral© and Eco-Coral© Wall (patented in The Netherlands and worldwide) for coral restoration at the same time creating unique and beautiful undersea features to delight the fish and reef creatures, divers, snorkellers and others who view the reefs.

The worlds coral reefs are in dire straits, especially in the ASEAN region, and urgent action is needed to repair the damage done by over fishing, blast fishing, poisoning, sea and land pollution exacerbated by rising sea temperatures and over carbonization.

With Eco-Coral© individual resorts, small communities, provinces and regional governments can take immediate steps towards reef restoration and make stable, attractive and pH neutral artificial coral available for the re-growth of coral reef systems, whilst at the same time creating magnificient designed artificial coral reef features for tourist divers, which can only be achieved with Eco-Coral© and Eco-Coral© Wall at realistic and affordable cost.

No other artificial coral permits the design of architectural reef panoramas, only Eco-Coral©.


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